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I have just spent the last 4 hours of my life folding clothes. And hanging clothes. For other people.
Next to me are trolley loads of other clothes that I need to hang. But I can't get to them - the people coming into my fitting rooms keep dumping unhung clothes on me, and I have to do them first.

[People, please, an extra minute of you hanging up the clothes saves me 3 hours]

Anyway, thats not the point. Finally its died down a bit. I've only got three trolley loads left, and oh, a couple walks in. They've got a pair of shorts.

"Can my girlfriend come in with me? I want her to see what this looks like"

Sure, I say. People do it all the time.
So they walk in.

I call the front desk. I am out of hangers. Need more hangers.
My super supervisor says "Sure, I'll send some over".

An old lady walks in. She has too many clothes. I tell her shes only allowed five, she can swap them over later. Ok, she says, and brings in the clothes.

I've forgotten about the couple in the other room. They've been in there for fifteen minutes. Surely it doesn't take 15 minutes to try on a pair of shorts?

Suddenly i hear a banging coming from their cubicle.

I wonder if they're alright.

I walk over and before I have a chance to knock, I hear moaning.

Guess they're alright.


ok... righteo, I have composed myself and decided to ignore whatever is happening in there. *cough*

The old lady should almost be done with her clothes soon... where are my hangers?

The banging is continuing in the other fitting room...

Ooh, my supervisor has sent the cute little boy - must be a new kid - to give me hangers.

In that exact same second the old woman walks out.


"I want to get the other clothes" she says

I am blind. Oh no, I must rescue the poor kid!!! OH NO.

Too late.

"Jannette, I've bought you your hang-AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

I've managed to blind the poor boy forever. He will have nightmares until his dying days.

Maybe I will too...

"Please just take the clothes" says I.

The couple (40 minutes later) have finished what they were doing. They handed me back the shorts.

I didn't want to touch them.

I politely wrote them off as damaged stock.

Be nice to the girl in fitting rooms. There's a 100% chance she may have gone insane.
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Ok, so its a bit early for chinese new year but I forgot to post a happy regular new year message. So this is a belated thing too~

Recently my cousin came over and gave me a facebook. As the honourable Jeremy Clarkson says "I don't do the MyFace thing"
I honestly use it to play tetris, and its also flooding my emails. Can someone explain to me what its all about? hahaha

I'm also drawing a bit! I've been doing a collab with :iconkibbleking:

I'm also having second thoughts about my course... i seriously don't know if I enjoy it enough to do it for the rest of my life *sigh*

Well best of luck everyone~
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Wow again.


Yesterday was possibly one of the best days of my life. Thank you.
Long post. Beware. Btw. Yesterday was 37 degrees.

The day was planned previously, I was meant to go to :iconbarbieee: house to bake some cakes with :iconmisyo: and :iconneverlone:. However, they changed it the night before so that I would go meet BokChoi/Fat Choi/Awesome Choi (He's never actually told me his real first name....) at Flinders Street so we could get lunch first.

I missed my train.

Ha, I could see :iconmisyo: going "Jannette!~~~" from inside the train as I saw it glide past. Disaster.

Anyway, when I did go to the station BokChoi treated us to these real yummy waffles down one of the side alleys. Halfway through his first waffle, he picks up his phone and says "I'll be right back".

He never came back. (Poor him, that means he didnt get his second waffle!)

10 minutes later whilst Anna and I were wondering where he had gone, I get this weird SMS on my phone.
"Jann, you are on a mission today. Get the next clue from Anna and move to the next checkpoint"
I show Anna the message. She looks at me blankly and goes, "What clue?"
"Let's go check out balsa wood"
*messages BokChoi back* "Anna says what clue? We're going to look at balsa wood"
BokChoi reply: LOOK HARDER
So whilst I was looking for balsa Anna decided it would be fun to unearth this mystery clue and finally give it to me.

"Go to the Royal Botanical Gardens - You will find your next clue in an envelope pinned to a tree"

"Anna. Do you know how many trees there are in the Botanical [i]Gardens[/i]???!"

So we went to the gardens, where there was this guy I'd never seen before stalking us, and I found a pair of my friends acting suspicious behind a fat tree. I went around, to find Mond and Syndi trying to hide my clue, with Mond attempting to climb the tree to put my clue in there.

After I got the clue of Mond and Syndi (Go to the ABP Library and Find a Book with the Clue inside) I went to said library and found Michael and Jon there, and then spent a frustrating amount of time looking for various favourite architects of the clue hiders, and flipped through a ridiculous amount of books. I was then told to go to the Royal Exhibition Centre, where I would have to do two laps around the building before i would get my next clue from Annika and David.

At this point I was kinda dying. It was hot - very hot - and humid, and I was trekking around the city. At which point :iconbopbob: came to the rescue, he appeared out of no-where with sustainance.

I was then led to the Old Courts where my challenge was to draw the building (the clue was guarded by :iconneverlone: and :iconideation:), Anime-style, before I received my next clue, which led me to a funnily named cafe where I had to solve a Rubicks cube in 10 minutes (GAH) to receive my reward.

My reward, from :iconbarbieee: was a Wasabi sauce chocolate cake, which was so so rich! There, I was suprised by :iconkibbleking: and Bek! Woot!

My next clue (the reward for finishing the cake lol) led me to Federation square, where my friends got "Happy Birthday Jannette!" To appear across the message board there =D.

Afterwards, I was led to Camberwell Station, blindfolded, disoritentated, and spun until I reached this wall, where Mond reappeared and walked me into a staircase. Inside the building, they removed the blindfold and I was facing 19 chocolate cupcakes, each with candles in the middle, and a few dozen of my friends from all over the joint! It was awesome!

(O... I almost died at that point coz I had no energy left to blow out the candles. I tried... really really hard!)

That was it... but then... there was "present time". I thought I was done with suprises, but all my friends there had chipped in to buy me the new iPod touch, coz they had found out my old one was broken.

I couldn't believe their kindness... I almost died with shock!
And Anna made me this cute cute compartment box with tiny googly eyed men in it!

I would like to send my love to Potato, Special thanks to Barbie, Alan, Anna, Michael and John for making it the best birthday ever.

I love you all :glomp:
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Yay, okay so I had my birthday on cup day (last tuesday)! As per usual our family put two dollars or so on a horse - nothing major. This was the only year i didn't put anything on number 6 - which won hahaa -slightly bitter? nah...

My brother though, because we sent my dad to place the bets (I had to go to work and my brother... wasn't old enough to go inside hahaha) my dad was clueless and didnt know how to use the machine, and ended up betting on like the trifecta or something. As if you can imagine, the probability of winning the trifecta is very low. But, turns out, my brother got 2/3 (which means he got nothing) - you should've seen him roll around in agony on the floor.

But yes... I worked my ass off this year so I could save up for the stuff that I wanted: sewing machine, MP3 for my parents, etc. so by the time the birthday swung round, there was very limited things I wanted (cept for the fact my laptop was stolen at uni *grumble* but as if you get a laptop for your birthday)

So my family bought me.... a punnet of blueberries. (Blueberries are expensive! I swear... *grins*... o wait, coles had them on sale...)


hahaha! The peeps at uni bought me a birthday cake and sang happy birthday! That was slightly embarassing, but o, how i love them for it =D

On another note... my ipod Video doesnt play Video anymore *eyeball pop* I've reformatted a couple of times... but what it does is like turn all my videos... into audio 0_o
Apparently that's pretty difficult to do. But... I WANT MY MV's BACK *sobs*
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Wooo~ almost at the end of the year! Almost time for a break, almost over being 18, almost run out of copic ink, have actually run out of fineliner ink, almost time for me to go to bed.


I've gone crazy.

Woo to Architecture! Anyone ever considered doing it?


Kiriban at 22222~
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Ok I got tagged by :iconideation: and I felt guilty not doing it so here it is~~


1. Post these rules
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about
3. Tags should write a journal/ blog of these facts
4. At the end of the post 8 more persons are tagged
and named
5. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them
they're tagged

Here are the 8 Facts~
1. The real name is Jannette, its got dodgy spelling so I can almost always get my name as my email address
2. I'm studying architecture at the University of Melbourne. By accident.
3. I love baking. Specially black and white chocolate cookies.
4. I collect artbooks. But now, since I'm pov i can't afford any anymore. I now have more artbooks than emma has shoes. Awesome.
5. I love my Nintendo DS. It provides me endless joys in lectures when I'm -studying-
6. I'll be going to manifest this weekend!
7. I'm a checkout chick at Kmart. Please refer to previous journal entries for the woes that befall the industry
8. My brain is exploding, this is just too much! EIGHT?! How can i think of eight?! oh i know, I'm really getting into Kpop recently~
9. I can't count ( I just copied this directly off Alan's page. So he cant count *grins*)

Who do i tag? *points* YOU.

Thanks guys for the 19000 hits! Almost at 20 eh? =D
Hopefully i can get kiriban or something up soon =)
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If you click on the wikipedia entry for Melbourne Uni, one of the headings it so proudly lists is "Prosh Week". I'm telling you right now I dont know what it is. What I do know is that it meant that while I was eating lunch there were people dressed as giant cigarettes walking around.

:iconkibbleking: has had a more wild/traumatizing experience however. I think that Prosh Week doesn't touch the architecture faculty much, but it wreaks havoc on the others. What I was told was that
"Jannette, I was in my biology tute and twenty naked men walked in and sang"
<< See. Traumatizing.
"Jannette, In order to use the elevator to get to the top floor of the Redmond Barry Building, I had to play DDR in the elevator"
<< THAT is something that I WANT to do. Awesome. DDR in an elevator.

Anywaaay, I've been playing all the games you guys have suggested on my DS.
:iconkumomo: suggested that I play Ouendan, and me being uncoordinated didn't help. But seriously, that thing is the coolest craziest game ever. It's the jap version of the game "Elite Beat Agents" but seriously, its so cool! There's these beats you have to tap everywhere, and circles everywhere, and l'arc en ciel, and omg crazy graphics and comic strips. Too much of it can give you a seizure.

:iconverric: recommended that I play the Brain Training Game. First time round it told me I was eighty. That's right. Eighty. The floating head recommended that I take this all with a pinch of salt.

Today my brain turned 21.

I've also been taking my hand in FFIII and it is awesoooommmeee but so hard!!! The skeletons like wave their bones and ka-put I'm gone~ time to up the EXP

I forgot what I was going to talk about.
My bleeding fingers distract me, I've got tiny holes in them from my last house-building balsa experiment.
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Oh wow thank you everyone!!
I thought I'd never get anywhere near that many!

Archi is driving me nuts, I'm spending copious amounts on balsa wood to build floors and decks... all the materials are sooo expensive!
It's pretty cool though, I've met a lot of archi people on DA... they're all soo talented!

Well I'll have a more interesting update soon... I want to post more art but all I've got is boring pictures of buildings... and you don't want to see that =]p
Thanks for the 200+ favs on the Ouran pic! It's so popular! I plan to re-do it with all the suggestions you guys have given me

Oooh I just bought a Nintendo DS, do you have any games that you would recommend to me?

Thanks again, and love to you all ^^
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There must be something about the mid-year Toy Sale. Its probably a combination of the facts that there will not be another Toy Sale before Christmas, screaming kids, a lack of stock and semi-clueless workers. People turn FERAL. Feral I'll tell you.

Things you want to avoid (if you ever get a job at a department store) Toy Sale:

Being moved from any part of the store into the toy department
I love this.
"Can you tell me what that item is that you know, won that toy award three years ago? I think I saw it in the catalogue and but I'm not sure, it was on special? I want to buy it for my daughter - can you tell me where it is? I don't know its name"
"I have no idea what you're talking about"
"Why not?! Isn't this your JOB?"

Being on the checkout when a lady comes through with a trolley full of toys
*swipe, swipe*
"Hold it"
"Yes ma'am?"
"That toy. It wasn't on special"
"Oh. *checks*. Oh yeah, it isn't"
"Why isn't it on special, I figured a toy sale would have everything on special"
"Not all toys are on sale ma'am, it's just what's in the catalogue"
"Well you can stuff your catalogue up your **** ****" at which point the customer throws said toy at you.

It just gets worse. I think I developed a cold whist I was at it... each customer was sucking away at my soul. But I assure you, on normal days it isn't this bad. I only got 3 toys thrown at me this year, much better than last!

On a happier note
Thankyou so much for the 17000 hits!!!
and also for the 100 favs on the Ouran Chibi's Go Naruto…
That makes it my most popular piece by far >.< It's also one of my easier pieces... ho hmm... the world works in mysterious ways...
Anyway, thankyou!!! ^^
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Wait maybe I'm not.

*checks again*

Nope, I'm doomed.


Must be a saying i picked up from Yabukl
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I've been very lazy haven't I? *cough*
I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while - drawing used to be my hobby last year you see, and now it's become... my job. When that happens it kinda changes your motivation to draw.

Drawing is much more fun when you just do it for yourself.

On that note, I'm working on a collab with :iconicezdragonz: (you can see the initial sketch here:…)
Hopefully I'll have something to show you all soon... unless you want to see boring drawings of houses... and Melbourne's Federation square.

I've gone and done a massive deletion of most of the things on my account - as I can't keep up with everything anymore~

Thank you all for the 16,000 Hits!

Inactivity and University Offers

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 3, 2007, 8:11 AM
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*looks at last updated journal*
omg... I'm so lazy XD

Well, I've got to say, ever since school finished I've barely had a moment to myself. That's not how it's meant to work... is it? I've been working non-stop! I've finally got a bit of a break now, thanks to the fact that my kmart has closed down.

I do have sooo many stories to tell you guys!! I've got to work on it.

Oooh, and exciting thing, last month we were finally given our university offers. After a quick shuffle of preferences (because I really wasn't sure of what I should do), I was offered a place in the Melbourne University course for Architectural Studies and Architecture (so long winded lol~).

I'm going on monday for a tour of the university, I'm completely clueless. And just went I thought that I would never have to go back to my highschool again, they send me a letter, asking me to come back :|

This is just a quick update just to show that I'm still alive. *cough*
I've got about 5 incomplete drawings too...

OOOOH Thankyou all so much for the 13,000 hits!!!

I've been working like mad ever since school finished... I can cross some things off now... I checkout like a robot now.... urggg to 10 hour shifts .
Yay to holiday pay... now i've almost done everything! I can now save up for other things..

+ Gackt Platinum Box V
+ KAT-TUN 2007 School Calendar
+ Tales of the Otori // Lian Hearn
+ Wentz Eiji 2007 Calendar
+ No ni Saku Hana no Yo Ni // Gackt
+ Bugright (Limited Edition) // UVERworld
+ Bokura no Machi De // KAT-TUN
+ Bokura no Love Story //WaT
+ Kiss Me, Kiss Me//Teppei Koike (for Xandie)
+ Io: Art of the Wired
+ Gackt Greatest Filmography ~ Blue
+ Oxide 2 Carta Numinous - Kim Hyung Tae: The Second Works

:icontheunknownartists: :iconsoulsociety: :iconrising-stars: :iconheisefans: :iconlol-fag:

12,000 Hits and Watcher Feature

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 30, 2006, 3:08 AM
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Oooh wow thanks for the 12,000 Hits!!! I promise to be more active soon!!! More art! *coughcoughcough*
I looked at my kmart roster today... wow I've got like a 10 hour shift 11am-9pm... that's like crazy! I also found out i got a raise to 12.61c an hour coz i turned 18!

*gasp* Yellow Wiggle has had to quit....

Okay, some publicity - I'm going to feature some people I watch in my journal - coz they are seriously under appreciated =_= *shameless plugs*

First up: :iconpyonicist:
She introduced me to DA so of course she's first. Gorgeous, clean vectors of all my favourite prettyboys *grin* =D
Here's some samples of her stuff:

Look - Wentz Eiji by pyonicist Feel - Koike Teppei by pyonicist Monkey Love by pyonicist

mmm... Wentz Eiji :heart:

Okay, I'm capped so I cant visit any other galleries without it being ridiculously slow... so next journal I'll have more people.. dont know how many i should put though *hmmm*

I've been working like mad ever since school finished... I can cross some things off now... I checkout like a robot now.... urggg to 10 hour shifts .
Yay to holiday pay... now i've almost done everything! I can now save up for other things..

+ Gackt Platinum Box V
+ KAT-TUN 2007 School Calendar
+ Tales of the Otori // Lian Hearn
+ Wentz Eiji 2007 Calendar
+ No ni Saku Hana no Yo Ni // Gackt
+ Bugright (Limited Edition) // UVERworld
+ Bokura no Machi De // KAT-TUN
+ Bokura no Love Story //WaT
+ Kiss Me, Kiss Me//Teppei Koike (for Xandie)
+ Io: Art of the Wired
+ Gackt Greatest Filmography ~ Blue
+ Oxide 2 Carta Numinous - Kim Hyung Tae: The Second Works

:icontheunknownartists: :iconsoulsociety: :iconrising-stars: :iconheisefans: :iconlol-fag:

I'm Still Alive~

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 27, 2006, 11:17 PM
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  • Reading: The End// Lemony Snicket
  • Watching: Anego//Dragon Zakura

I've been kind of dead here for a while, sorry! I really have no excuse either, as I've got no school, no schoolies, and well, no obligations.

I've got like 6 WIP's, and I can't finish any of them! I start and well, I get lazy.

Kmart's being a bit of a pain too, they've rostered me like 24/7 because the rest of the casual staff have gone to schoolies ^^. That's alright though, coz then I get to work hard to fullfill my wishlist of items for christmas! SO! As soon as everyone gets back from schoolies I'll be able to work on art again!!

But now, i've killed my kmart shoes and need new ones.....

Whoaaa... spamming this new CSS thingy....

+ New black work shoes
+ Gackt Platinum Box V
+ Silver necklace
+ No ni Saku Hana no Yo Ni // Gackt
+ Bokura no Love Story (Xandie has full on converted me now - Eiji :heart: - sending me scans lol...)

Favourite Pics
+Ballad of the Sakura+ by jannettella Green -- With Envy by jannettella Tears of Ice and Snow by jannettella Wish Upon A Star by jannettella Beside the Lillies by jannettella Twilight Rhapsody: Photokicho by photokicho Entangled by jannettella +Beauty and Violet Eyes+ by jannettella

Preparing your Lineart by jannettella Drawing with Markers -Tutorial by jannettella

:icontheunknownartists: :iconsoulsociety: :iconrising-stars: :iconheisefans: :iconlol-fag:
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Yeps, this morning, at 6am, i turned 18!!!

I am now legally... well... legal.

This is quite a bad birthday, seeing that I had my Maths Methods CAS exam at the same time..... and the guy told me the cake was to small to ice cream my name onto it lolz.

Tis okay, :iconverric: cheered me up this morning, and she sent me a Loveless manga volume 3!!! XD Thankyou!!! :glomp: :glomp:

I'm going to have to postpone any partying... with chem and physics exam in two days >.<

Ah well!!!

:iconkibbleking: also wished me happy birthday with a threatening SMS that warned me that she was going to drag me off to drink at dodgy cosplay bars @_@
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  • Watching: Gokusen II//Negima?!?//Shuffle!
  • Eating: Red Wine Casserole
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I'm still shaking~
We had our graduation ceremony today, I had to give the valedictory response, I was so nervous that I was eternally grateful to the podium, where no-one could see my shaking knees. I think it went pretty well though! Everyone stood up at the end of the speech, I was shaking so bad that I thought I was going to collapse off the stage. My teacher assured me that my speech would be ready on the podium for me, but when I got there, the first page was missing @_@.

I pulled my spare copy out of my pocket with the comment "I've got a backup", and half the yearlevel thought that I had gotten all defiant and didn't read a prepared speech for me, but went on a tangent all on my own.

It was sooo sad... and kibbleking would burst into tears whenever she looked at me...

Now, to exams! So I think I will take a 3 week hiatus!
Thankyou all!
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I have spent three days staring at a blank piece of paper. Terrible timing too, considering that end of years exam are just around the corner.

Just HOW do you write a valedictory speech?! Does anyone know? How on EARTH do you write something that's meant to represent your whole class, and not sound like a pompous ass about it?

I tried to avoid the whole "oooh we're great, we're heading into the future, so many possibilities..." because it's all boring. Boring.


I've even googled "Valedictory Speech" because, here in AU, no-one knows what it is - this is only the second year my school has done this. I didnt even know what it was - and all the speeches I've come up with are all, well, issues based, and heaps and heaps of cliches. One had so many metaphors and cliches I was drowning. I had NO IDEA what it was talking about. "We are like the water, we have the ability to flow all around like rivers, and lakes [which dont flow, mind]. We are not like the stagnant water of rock-pools, we're like the sea, and...." << WHAT IS THIS?! This is actually a "Good introduction" apparently.

The explicit instructions my teacher gave me was this. "It's not a competition to see how fast you can have them laughing. Make them cry, if need be. Say something deep and meaningful"

It's hard though, to captivate an audience when everyone's just keen on graduating. It has to have some form of humour to keep things alive. It can't be boring. But I just dont know what to SAY.

Help. Anyone. If you've ever heard a validictory speech, tell me what works. Or if you're writing one yourself, tell me what you think.

Oh... haha, I opened up DA today and lo and behold, my subsciption's gone ^^

Akanishi Jin is going on a indefinate hiatus from KAT-TUN to study abroad >.<
Ahhh, just when they had debuted too :(

Exams are terrible, aren't they... they should burn....
Methods, Chemistry, Physics, Specialist Maths, English....
If you were living in Japan, what would you want to receive from your penpal in Australia?

Apologies. My thoughts are somewhat fragmented.
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Tell me, truthfully, how many times have you walked through a checkout and your mobile phone goes off? It doesn't really bother me but... I think the checkout may have special powers. You like pass a certain area and your phone goes off, there's no stopping it!

You get your fair share of weirdo's, sleezes, and who-knows-what at Kmart.

At register 6 on a regular Friday night. There is NO other register open besides mine, but that doesn't matter, everyone's on holidays so there's hardly anyone there. I'm busy folding discarded receipts into origami love hearts, stars, cranes and strawberrys.


"Hi!" (btw, I'm not one of those checkout chicks that go "How are you today?" because I made the mistake of asking that at christmas last year, and the woman didnt shut up - for like 10 minutes. You'd be suprised though, customers are as accustomed as checkout chics (CC) are, I say "Hi" they reply back with "Good thankyou" ... wtf?)

"Hi!" I say. I look up, but all i see is this guy's chest. He's tall. Not at my eye level. So I stare at (or talk to) his chest. I'm sure he won't mind.

"Would that be all for today?"

Well, turns out, he does mind. He rests his elbows on my desk, and stares at me. It talkes me about ten seconds to notice, as I'm too busy trying to cut the security tag off the fishing pole.

He clears his throat.

So I look up. What greets me is this person with perfect bone structure, clear green eyes (I have a fetish for pretty coloured eyes), dark hair and an olive skinned complexion. He's pretty. Well no, that'd be an insult. He wasn't pretty, he was beautiful.

"Vould I be able to get a dizzcount?" #%(*#%, French accent.
"Vould I be able to get a dizzcount?"
"Errr... why?"
"Becuzz," Then he says no more, and bats his eyelashes at me.

Unfortunately, being so beautiful must've screwed with his braincells. I'm not going to give him a discount just because he bats his eyelashes at me! OH nonono...

"Because?" Acting stupid is fun.
"Becuzz," he flashes a dazzling smile at me. "You are nice"
I laugh. "No I'm not, that'd be $24.55"

I think I must've insulted him. His friend was laughing his head off though, and he left with cheeks-a-flaming.

Oooh the Death Note anime is... gorgeous. Matsukaze Masaya, Seki Tomokazu and Miyano Mamoru are like my three favourite voice actors.  And Miyano Mamoru is in Death Note! He's like... so talented, going from Tamaki to Raito :O

I just love listening to him sing GUILTY BEAUTY LOVE....

What beautiful animation there is...
I forgot to mention, anyone who is planning to go to manifest next year and wants to cosplay as a character from soul calibur please lookie here:…

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Preparing your Lineart by jannettella Drawing with Markers -Tutorial by jannettella

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Manifest 06'! XD

Sun Sep 24, 2006, 8:30 PM


I went to Manifest today with pyonicist, Raven-For-Evermore and kibbleking!! It was so much BIGGER this year, and there were heaps more people, and it was so much fun and andandanad *chokes*


Well, on the way there we met :iconyabukl: who was dressed in this cool bleach cosplay (boy did we attract attention at melbourne central) and he offered my friends a loan of some tickets he wasn't using :glomp: wasn't that nice of him XD. We also met his brother :iconweaselmunkie: who was dressed up as Hitsugaya from Bleach (he was so cool, he won the cosplay competition for best role play after pulling sexy red undies from under his black kimono) a chibi Lee from Naruto,  a red-eyed-anbu kakashi (:iconpeepee-king:) and the buggy manipulator from naruto with the cool glasses. There was the coolest Link there too :iconmielz: ... it sure made Bek happy lolz.

It was :iconraven-for-evermore: first manifest and she came dressed as rukia from bleach. :iconkibbleking: and herself decided to get ready under the giant clock in melbourne central. Emma, dressed as Quistis was enjoying unravelling her blade-tipped skipping rope weapon. I managed to watch the people walking past, this little kid did a double take and stared openly at bek for a while, she was such a cute Rukia before being tugged off by his brother. (His expression was ZOMG there's that chick from TV!)

Did I tell you about the shopping centre security guard? That poor man, under his watch, the cosplayers were arriving from all over melbourne (and some interstate). These were people with blue faces and gigantic weapons, and he finally mustered the courage to ask one of the weapon-wielding manifester's "what's going on?"

Trying to explain manifest to a man with no concept of anime or manga is difficult, as it turns out.

:iconpyonicist: also enjoyed her first manifest, and was in fan-girl mood whenever the Prince of Tennis people walked past (coz they were soooo cool).

There were heaps of traders and I bought heaps of manga but I could not find a decent artbook there. I was also procrastinating on whether or not to buy a giant mokona plushie, and when I decided without a doubt that I wanted it, I watched in absolute agony as the girl in front of me bought the last one. :(

Procrastination is not good, friends.

I also found :iconsnowbunnyluv: and she gave me a little Hitsugaya watermelon button! Thankyou!!! NB: She has the coolest bookmarks and buttons ever.

All in all, it was an awesome manifest, the skits were good, the stalls were good, and we had heaps of fun anadadnadandnad.....

Now, to save up for next year :D

...yesterday I realised that pyonicist controls my life with magic powers...

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+Ballad of the Sakura+ by jannettella Green -- With Envy by jannettella Tears of Ice and Snow by jannettella Wish Upon A Star by jannettella Beside the Lillies by jannettella Twilight Rhapsody: Photokicho by photokicho Entangled by jannettella +Beauty and Violet Eyes+ by jannettella

Preparing your Lineart by jannettella Drawing with Markers -Tutorial by jannettella

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Winner Announced XD!

Wed Sep 6, 2006, 1:23 PM


First of all, I'd like to say thankyou so much for entering, I never thought that I would receive that many entrants!

Now, in order to pick the winner, entries were judged on theme, execution, overall look... etc. From the entries I picked my favourites, then I got my family to vote on them (man did I annoy them - i have about 23 family members that voted), then it was followed my a confirmation from kibbleking.

Unfortunately I don't have any prizes for 2-5th place getters, but first will be getting a subbie/keying or [note me] - next time I'll organise better prizes, I just didnt think that that many people would want to join ^^

So, without anymore procrastination...


Artist: :iconverric:

Congratulations! XD This is the one entry when I was scrolling through all of them that got most people to go "OH WAIT, CLICK ON THAT ONE!!!" - there were many requests for "the gold one", and this is my personal favourite also, i love the colour, the swirls, the whole atmosphere of the piece. It never crossed my mind to create the piece like this, so when I saw it, I was like... wow

These people made it REALLY hard to choose...
I have no prizes for you, but you really really really deserved a mention, I liked them so much ^^

Coloring Contest Fire by Misakochan
Artist: :iconmisakochan:

I'm sorry I don't have anything for you, because I loved this so much~ the eyes! Look at the EYES! This was, when I was drawing the lineart, something very close to what I wanted to achieve - but you did it so well!!!

Ice and Snow: Natsuhime by i-am-a-decoy
Artist: :iconi-am-a-decoy:

It was sooo sweet, how this picture was connected to my ice queen... now I want to draw her again, thankyou!

Coloring Contest entry by fadingtwilight0
Artist: :iconfadingtwilight0:

Maybe I was a bit biased with this one seeing it was first submitted, and I had so much time to look at the details :D

Artist: :iconkamjia:

I had no idea this could be done with chalk. It was so beautifully done, I loved the bright colours!

There were so many beautiful entries to choose from, I had spent a lot of time procrastinating over which ones I should shortlist, and over them, which one I liked best. You guys all really made it hard for me - there was no entry I didnt like! There were so many unique touches, some were so creative they never crossed my mind when I was drawing them :D


Favourite Pics
+Ballad of the Sakura+ by jannettella Green -- With Envy by jannettella Tears of Ice and Snow by jannettella Wish Upon A Star by jannettella Beside the Lillies by jannettella Twilight Rhapsody: Photokicho by photokicho Entangled by jannettella +Beauty and Violet Eyes+ by jannettella

Preparing your Lineart by jannettella Drawing with Markers -Tutorial by jannettella

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